FlameShieldä UC-2715 Silicone-Ceramic Potting Compound
This is a silicone-bonded, ceramic-filled high temperature adhesive and potting compound that can be used in a wide range of applications up to 900°F (482°C).

Some applications include potting high power resistors and cartridge heaters.  Features excellent dielectric strength and moisture protection.
Materials that resist catching fire, burn slowly, or retard burning can be described as either "incombustible", "non-flammable", "non-combustible", "fire-resistant" or "fire-retardant".  "Self-extinguishing" materials cease burning once the flame or heat source is removed.  "Fireproof" is understood to mean that an object cannot burn, but few materials are truly fireproof. 

Most of our products fall within one or more of the above descriptions: they resist high temperature, flame, fire, molten metal splash and weld splatter very well but may melt with prolonged exposures past their designed maximum continuous operating temperature.  They can also provide OSHA, ANSI-FM & NFPA compliance and personnel protection.

Using our products to retain heat or cold within pipes, hoses, enclosures or equipment helps conserve energy and resources, and reduces operating costs.
AB Technology Group: Keeping Our World Cooler
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Part Number UC-2715
high temperature silicone bonded ceramic filled adhesive potting compound
Primary Component:                Fused Silica - Silicone
Max continuous temperature:   900°F / 482°C
Dielectric Strength, volts/mil:   >250
Moisture resistance:                 Excellent
Porosity After 900F, %:             <1.0%
Shrinkage, % at 900F:              <1%
Color:                                       White
No. Of Components:                 2
Mix Ratio, powder:liquid:         2.4:1
Mixed Viscosity, cP:                 Paste
Recommended Cure:               16-24 Hours @ room temperature +30 min @ 150-450F